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Alpaca Barn at Golden Pine Alpacas

Our 2000- square-foot board- and-batten style alpaca barn is a pole barn structure with two side wings. Alpacas were brought to their new home April 2010.

The first barn we built at Golden Pine Alpacas functioned and worked quite well – until our herd size grew to 16 alpacas. We needed more space! It is still very much in use as a quarantine area and a “maternity ward” for pregnant moms. We can monitor these expectant girls easily from our dining room windows as the barn and pasture are directly in front of the house.

Front View   Polebarn Ceiling  View from the South      

All pens can be reconfigured as needed through a system of removable gates and removable walls made from one-by-six boards. The alpacas are always in sight of one another – and us - across pens and across the center aisle. The barn floor was constructed from the same materials as the original barn.

Electric lights are installed throughout the barn and over each pen area. Outlets placed in strategic spots provide plug-ins for extension cords, wet-vacs, and home-made alpaca drinking-water heaters. Two frost-free hose bibs – one inside and one outside the barn – are available for cleaning and for fresh water.

Girls Pen South Side  Center Aisle     Boys Pen North Side      

      The insulated new barn office provides counter space to store the equipment for testing fecal samples. A 10-gallon hot water heater is installed beneath the sink on the counter. Counter cabinets hold medical supplies for the alpacas. Two 5-by-2 foot horizontal windows look out into the barn and a large window on the outside wall provides daylight. A small heater in the office keeps us warm on cold winter days.
New Barn Office      

A store room adjacent to the office holds barn equipment, alpaca show needs, and bags of fleece to be processed.

Clear polycarbonate corrugated roofing material placed between the rooflines of the pole barn and extensions provides welcome light. This material is also placed over the screening on the seven barn pasture doors and four barn windows to provide light and wind protection. Barn windows can be opened from the inside and hooked above the screened openings for ventilation.     
    Polycarbonate Windows

Updated July 21, 2016