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Gypsy Girl

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Black Alpaca Roving 4.5 Oz. Superfine

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Product Specs

  • 4.5 ozs.
  • Superfine Grade
  • No dyes or chemicals
  • 1 pkg. available

Product Description

This soft, silky, and shiny black roving from Golden Pine’s Gypsy Girl will be a delight to spin into lovely skeins of yarn for future knitting projects. It can also be used for needle-felting projects.

Alpaca fiber is known for its lightweight warmth and silky feel. It rivals cashmere and mohair for beauty but is much more durable and resilient, resulting in a product which is of superior quality. It is hypo-allergenic, containing no lanolin. Scales along the fiber structure lay flat which gives garments made from alpaca fleece the soft, smooth feel – no “prickle factor” as found in sheep wool.

Before sending this fiber to the mill for processing, it is carefully skirted and then tumbled to remove dust and hay particles. Because it is a natural fiber, you may occasionally come across tiny bits of vegetable matter (hay) but it will not affect quality of the rovings. Simply gently pull it out with tweezers.

Gypsy Girl is an alpaca living at Golden Pine Alpacas farm in Goldendale, WA. This roving was processed by Spring Harvest Mill in Sunnyside, WA.